My Eureka Moment….

In my travels I like to find the local dives for a quick get away and learn more about what the locals do. Local dives also remind me of my hometown, Cocoa Beach, My most recent find was in New York City. I found a great whiskey bar that had dollar bills all over the wall and ceiling with names and messages on them. We have a bar at home with the same dollar bill decorations, but it was when I saw this one I had my eureka moment! I was sitting there reading the names and messages and thought it was a great way to get someone’s attention. You could use dollar bills to get someone’s attention, but the important part is what the message says.

We all can get caught up in the everyday and focus on what we don’t have or can’t do. We also have moments when we forget our true value and purpose. I want to remind people their value and the positive things. I have writing either one positive, up-lifting word or phrase on a dollar bill and leaving it behind. I hope when someone picks up the dollar bill it helps them, but also gives them something positive to remember.You matter. You can do it, just believe. I get caught up in my daily routine and paying bills, but this is also helping me remember I am not the only one and it isn’t always about me. As I start this new endeavor of mine, I will add more stories and pictures, but for now, I just hope this puts a smile on someone’s face and gets passed on……

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